The Gallery System picture hanging system

Artward Bound professionally install The Gallery System picture hanging system

The gallery system is a strong flexible picture hanging system which adapts quickly to changing needs. The system is ideal for use in galleries, studios, shops, restaurants and even the home environment.

It is a patented system, designed and manufactured in Australia.

It is made up of 3 items

  • Hanging track mounted on the wall
  • Track slide and cable that slide into the track and can be easily moved into position from side to side
  • Picture hooks that adjust up and down the cables

Artward Bound also sell the parts for the system, so if you need extra hooks and slides, please contact us.







How the system works:Gallerysystemhook.jpg

  1. The hanging cable is threaded through the track slide and the ferrule stops the cable sliding through
  2. By tilting the track slide you can insert the hanging cable into any point along the track
  3. Once inside the track tubing, you tilt the track slide back
  4. You then let the track slide rest in the track tube, and hang the picture below.

The picture hooks attach to the cable easily.